The sunrise at the Central Mediterranean showed a new dinghy in distress. As soon as the rescuers reached it, someone picked up a bunch of clothes and rags: inside there was a new-born.

They sailed a few hours ago from the Libyan shores. They were in distress in international waters when they were found. No one at the dinghy noticed the birth of the baby.

This rescue was carried out on 22th of November, 2017. The Lifeline medical team quickly took care of the mother and child. She took the risk of sailing despite the date of birth was really close. The boy was born apparently a few hours before the rescuers found the dinghy.

The operation was completed thanks to the Sea Watch 3 vessel, that receive the migrants saved by the Lifeline and took them to Sicily. Once the migrants were already in Sicily, a call surprised the Lifeline’s crew. They were informed that the mother was trying to reach the rescuer who saved his son from the dinghy. The mother, a woman from Gambia, wanted to put her child the same name as the person that rescued them from the sea. Therefore, in the following days, the new-born was baptized as Claudio Romero.

This situation is the confirmation on how important is the role of SAR NGOs and their volunteers. By saving people at sea they are giving them an opportunity to fulfil the dreams in a place where their lives are not threatened.


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