Two dinghies with 59 and 67 migrants respectively, landed in Chios. One of them reached to a beach and the other was intercepted and brought to the port. Among the migrants, 13 needed medical assistance.

SAR case number: X

SAR organisation: SMH

SAR asset: Aquarius

Date of SAR (UTC): 10/01/2017

Source of first information for the NGO: Greek Coast guard

Starting time of first sighting / engagement with target boat in distress (UTC): 10/01/2017 12:05 pm


Number of migrant boats: 2

Type of migrant boat(s): Rubber boats

Number of people on board per boat: 63

Other vessels in the vicinity (e.g. unidentified / cargo / aircrafts): None

Actors involved (by asset / institution type): Greek Coast guard; CESRT -Chios Eastern Shore Response Team


Position(s) of vessel(s) in distress at the time of SAR request:

Location description: Territorial waters of Greece

Position(s) of rescue(s) at the time of SAR operation(s):

Location description: Territorial waters of Greece


Total number of survivors: 126

Number of identified (accompanied) children: 47

Number of identified unaccompanied minors: 0

Number of identified pregnant women: 3

Number of identified medical evacuation cases: 0


Total number of confirmed deaths: 0

Estimated number of dead / missing persons: 0