Two suspect dinghies were reported by a Frontex helicopter when they were still in Turkish waters, having just left the Turkish coast. Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG) and Refugee Rescue SAR vessel Mo Chara moved toward the border and observed as the two boats approached. Turkish Coast Guard (TCG) was in pursuit when the boats apparently entered Greek waters. One boat was intercepted by HCG, while the other was intercepted and taken back to Turkey by TCG.



SAR organisation: Refugee Rescue

Incident type: Pullback

Date of SAR (UTC): 02/07/2018

Time of first information received (UTC): 02/07/2018 6:55 am

Starting time of first sighting / engagement with target boat in distress (UTC): 02/07/2018 7:20 am


Number of migrant boats: 2

Type of migrant boat(s): Rubber dinghies

Number of people on board per boat: 54 collected by HCG, 22 collected by TCG

Other vessels in the vicinity (e.g. unidentified / cargo / aircrafts): Turkish Coast Guard, Hellenic Coast Guard, Lithuanian Frontex Helicopter

Actors involved (by asset / institution type): Turkish Coast Guard; Greek Coast guard


Region of Mediterranean: Eastern Mediterranean

Position(s) of rescue(s) at the time of SAR operation(s):

Location description: Territorial waters of Greece