Four vessels reached Chios on October 2017. Two of them arrived to a small village near Chios, the other two were intercepted by the Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG) and brought to the port. In total 237 migrants landed in Chios that day. After SMH carry out the medical checks, they determined that 24 of them needed medical assistance.

SAR organisation: SMH

Date of SAR (UTC): 19/10/2017

Time of first information received (UTC): 19/10/2017 2:20 pm

Source of first information for the NGO: Greek Coast guard

Starting time of first sighting / engagement with target boat in distress (UTC): 19/10/2017 6:25 pm


Number of migrant boats: 4

Type of migrant boat(s): Rubber boats

Number of people on board per boat: 73, 70, 30 and 64

Other vessels in the vicinity (e.g. unidentified / cargo / aircrafts): No

Actors involved (by asset / institution type): Greek Coast guard; CESRT


Region of Mediterranean: Eastern Mediterranean

Position(s) of vessel(s) in distress at the time of SAR request:

Location description: Territorial waters of Greece

Position(s) of rescue(s) at the time of SAR operation(s):

Location description: Territorial waters of Greece


Total number of survivors: 237

Number of identified (accompanied) children: 87

Number of identified unaccompanied minors: 0

Number of identified pregnant women: 6

Number of identified medical evacuation cases: 0


Total number of confirmed deaths: 0

Estimated number of dead / missing persons: 0

Involved in this incident