Today’s Mare Liberum was previously called GO46 and used as a cutter in the Netherlands. Built in 1917, it celebrated its 100th anniversary last year and can tell about a long history.

In 2015, SEA-WATCH was one of the first civilian search and rescue vessels in the Mediterranean. Over the years, the ship became not only a symbol of civilian humanitarian engagement but also a witness to failing European migration policy. It became clear that the European Union continues to knowingly accept the dying and disappearing of people at its external borders.

After a break, the SEA-WATCH headed back to the Aegean Sea in 2017, where she returned with a new mission to a region forgotten by the media, the migration route between Turkey and Greece. After providing reliable services to Sea-Watch e.V., she will now sail for us and, together with the activists and researchers of Mare Liberum, continue the crucial work of the recent years.

Technical specifications:

  • Designer: Shipyard Vooruit, Enkhuizen NL
  • Year of construction: 1917
  • Last renovation: 2016/17
  • Engines: 1 / MAN 320 PS
  • Length: 21.12 meters
  • Width: 5.12 m
  • Draft: 1,95 m
  • Hull material: steel
  • Weight: 120 tons
  • Fuel tank: 3,800 liters
  • Water tank: 1,400 liters
  • Cruising Speed: 7 knots
  • Consumption: approx. 15 liters / hour

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