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We are trying to fill the gap of an institutionalised, comprehensive sea rescue with a clear mandate, such as Mare Nostrum, which saved more than 130,000 people but was not taken over by the EU and therefore ended, as long as possible and within the realms of our possibilities. We consider this to be our humanitarian duty. However, the fact that private organisations take over sea rescue in the Mediterranean instead of states cannot and should not become a permanent state! We call for an international, institutionalised sea rescue with a clear mandate and, in the long term, above all legal and secure entry routes for those seeking protection in the sense of a #SafePassage.

Since the beginning of 2015, our constantly growing organisation, which consists mainly of dedicated volunteers from all over Europe, has been working on the project organisation and realisation of Sea-Watch. We finance ourselves exclusively through donations.

We try to save as many people as possible from death by drowning. Sea-Watch has so far been involved in the rescue of well over 35,000 people.